Friday, March 18, 2005

Easter ponderings

The big news today in the faith community is the removal of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube. What many people don't understand and which makes this case so scary is that Terri is communicative. Hardly what anyone would call a vegetable, or, to put it nicely, a vegetative state. As a mother, the thought of someone forcing your child, albeit a grown one, to die a slow death by dehydration/starvation makes me feel ill.

How can anyone keep her parents from intervening? Seems they'd have to be locked away to allow her adulterous husband to go ahead. And I have to wonder where the media's outrage has gone. The 60 Minutes II types, who railed against scaring terrorist prisoners with dogs and walking them on leashes, don't seem too sympathetic toward this innocent, young American woman.

The Bible places these things in context. It all begins back in the very first book, Genesis, in Chapter 1. We like to think people are basically good. God's Word tells us differently. We are born in sin. We inherit sinful natures. We make evil, sinful choices. And Biblical history shows cycles of moral and immoral societies, even among God's chosen people, societies in which evil runs amuck. And we witness the sad consequences of evil choices throughout our culture today.

So what are God's people to do? Here is one blogger's (Joe Carter of Evangelical Outpost) thought-provoking viewpoint. As for me ... I suggest you read all of Romans this coming week. See what insight God gives you. No complaining. You have more than a week to do it. One of our children is out of school for Easter, er, Spring, Break, so I won't be doing daily postings.

We'll cyber-chat some more after the Holy Day. Share the peace of Christ wherever you go. He is Risen indeed.