Monday, January 24, 2005

For Shadow Dwellers

Today’s post may seem a bit ironic in that we have spent several days praising the value of reading the Bible, and today, for the first time in this blog’s [short] history, I’m not giving you a Bible verse or passage to read. No. This should be as easy for you as the click of a mouse or tap on the touchpad.

Last week with the inauguration approaching, USA Today ran an interesting
column by Doug Wead, entitled Bush Comes Out of the Shadows. Click on it and read it. Set politics aside for a couple minutes – they don’t matter. I had everyone in our family read it, too. Every teen should take its basic message to heart. Wead puts it this way:

“The bright sunshine of excessive expectations can sometimes scorch and kill,
while the shadows offer room for maneuver, mistake, learning and healing. “

I hope you find his words encouraging. We’ll talk more about it tomorrow.